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Mar 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
including nevada. >>> they will gather r a special assembly in a gym to remember marcus johnson. the 14-year-old and another spectator were killed on saturday when arrays car flew -- a race car flew off the track at raceway park. >>> the supervisor will introduce rulely antiabortion protesters now they wanted to create a planned parenthood as this comes to special recent responses and protests at the planned parenthood at valencia street. the new zones will apply to entranceways. >>> they are still facing the real possibility they may shut down in june but the college serves almost 90,000 students and is moving ahead for the search of a new chancellor. they are expected to approve the money needed to begin that search. now it is unfinished business as it fights to stay open. c.c. if because of a panels finding has not fixed major problems because of leadership and financial planning. >>> mta is meeting about a taxi app in san francisco. they may soon require realtime information about where their cabs are and when they will be available. third-parties can connect people with the
Mar 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
14-year-old marcus both died on friday at mary'sville race park when warming up and chase hit them both. the father of mark cass said his -- marcus said his son was a great young man. >> all of his coaches and friends will tell he was the first to help somebody or give somebody a hand. >> marcus had been playing since he was 5:00 and his father said, he lost control of the he was not hurt. the county sheriff's office and chp are investigating. >>> now the other person who was killed in that crash, they owned cars that were scheduled to race friday. his brother said dale caught the racing bug early in his life and he takes comfort inn knowing his brother died doing something he loved. he leaves behind a wife and two grown children. and even during peak hours. >>> the san francisco symphony is canceling because of that continuing musician strike. they say the musicians turned down resuming performances during a cooling off period. the four performances have been cancel ised since they went on strike since wednesday and still negotiations are in order. janine de la vega is in the area
Mar 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
their classmate marcus johnson. his teenagers described him as a model student and player. >> i was completely shocked. not marcus. >> now on saturday, johnson was in the pit area watching his cousin race at raceway park when the car suddenly went off the track killing them both. the memorial sits outside the muffler's shop and they are looking into whether a detachable steering wheel is to blame. >>> they are tar getting unrulely antiabortionists offering reproductive services. this happened at several planned parenthood centers and the areas will apply to entryways an exits and driveways and hospitals will be excluded. >>> a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. they will require congress to first agree progress is being made on border security. it comes on the agreement to overhaul the immigration laws. hall would like to incorporate some of his ideas. a new study ends up in the hands of smugglers. now according to the trans border institute, all u.s. gun sales are taking firearms to mexico. an average of 200 firearms ended up in the u.s. and they will be available next
Mar 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
14-year- old marcus johnson. the eighth grader and another bystander were both killed after a race car driven by johnson's cousin lost control at marysville raceway. yesterday his coaches, classmates, and mother remembered him as a model student and player. >> he was so excited to get his braces off he wanted to play high school basketball next year. it'shearted to believe i will never see him play basketball again. >> today is the first day back from spring break where johnson was an eighth grader. grief counselors will be there today and a special assembly has been planned in his honor. >>> the sanford women are in the second round of the ncaa basketball tournament. the cardinals defeated the 16th seed tulsa yesterday. the game was uncomfortably close. stanford ran away with it
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4